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Saturday, December 16, 2006



For a while lately, my heart has been giving me problems when I lie down to sleep. I can usually relieve it by sitting up. The night before last, sitting up didn't help. I kept hurting for an hour or so. So, I did like one of the cardiologists I've seen had recommended and called emergency, and got an ambulance ride to the hospital.
In emergeny, I had a nice visit with one of the doctors. In the process of taking my medical history, she learned that I had been in South America and was very interested in hearing that I had served an LDS mission there. We talked a little bit about opportunities to serve in different countries. She is from Mexico, of partly Spanish and Mayan indian ancestry, and part Norwegian, and seemed very pleased that I could speak Spanish with her.
After testing my heart enzymes, doing another echocardiogram, watching my blood pressure bounce back up after a medication that was supposed to lower it but semed rather to bring back chest pain, and threatening a stress test and a procedure called a catheterization. Then it was decided they didn't need to do either one..they already knew enough. It seems they decided it wasn't a heart attack, just a further development of the same condition we already know about, which was about what I had suspected. There didn't seem to be anything more that the doctors could do that they hadn't already done, they did let me go after less than a day.
However, the cardiologists did decide that my new echocardiogram looked worse than the one that was done three months ago, and that my condition was going to keep deteriorating rather than improving. So, the best thing to do was to expedite the surgery that they'v discussed with me. They put their heads together and are going to send me to a center in Cleveland. I'm told that they referred a patient with a condition similar to mine to that center, and the results were very good.
In the meantime, they prescribed a new medication for my blood pressure on top of what I've been taking (along with about four types that I shouldn't take) and a close follow-up with my regular cardiologist and family physician.
The patient in the bed next to mine had diabetes and kidney problems...it seems that his condition was peritonitis, apparently because an infection had settled into a catheter that was being used for dialysis.
My last nurse was rather chattier than usual and was concerned with my "good cholesterol" level being below normal and wanted to recommend an exercise program, but when I told her about the symptoms of my heart condition, she backed off and decided to let the doctors handle it.
I don't think they're going to bustle me off to Cleveland before either Christmas or New Year's ... These things seem to take at least a couple of weeks to arrange. But the process does seem to be moving again.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Asperger's again

Asperger's Syndrome is related to autism, and I was referred to a recent issue of one of the major newsmagazines that discusses Auttsm. I also found, while doing work on my knowledge base, that 2006 has been designated as International Asperger's year. I followed the linke from Wikipedia on the subject.

I've noticed that some of the symptoms described do seem to apply to me.
It's typoical of Asperger's Syndrome for a person affected to be very literal in their thought processes. I've noticed that I have just such a tendency. I kave always had trouble recogniing when people are "just kidding". I also have a tendency to overlook the emotional content of what is being said to me and focus on the literal meaning, and I tend to focus on the literal meaning of what I say. I seem to have difficulty expresssing my feelings. It's not impossible, it's just hard.
Miscommunication is such a common problem that I've xome to expect it. While I seem to express myself reasonably well in writing, ordinary conversation is another matter. My own ability to communicate deteriorates badly when I'm under emotional stress. I have a tendency to either withdraw or explode.
Another trait typical of of Asperger's is a tandency to focus intensely on one or a ew narrow interests. With me, it's one or two at a time. It's very difficult to be balanced. I either overdo something, or underdo it. I have difficulty with both pulling myself away from one of those interests, and focusing on things that aren't onoe of those current interests.
The difficulties I have had in dealing with people, especially with family members, have been frequently atrributed to either ill will, or character flaws. I'm not sure it's either one. I certainly make no claim to moral pefection, but those who ae most severe with my various shortcomings usually fall rather short of angelic themselves.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Back again

Since mid September, I've been in a mental and physical slump. Although I've more or less continued my other activities, I haven't been blogging.

For one, the cardiac surgery I was looking at probably isn't going to happen anytime soon. The surgeon I was referred to declined to operate, and indicated that given certain details of my condition, the risks and complications would probably outweigh the benefits. He regards my condition as non-life threatening. That's the latest word on my phuscal health.
The relationship with the Significant Other I mentioned earlier has been emotionally stressfu;. By more or less mutual agreement, it's changed to a more distant friendship without the romantic involvement.
I've also done a physical move, to a ground floor apartment in the same complex.
For a time I was also heavily involved in some role-playing and computer games. That's been tapering off a little. I also resumed attempts to publicize my three valued logic, but current interes interest in it seems no greater than it has ever been. I've resumed active work on my Knowledge Base. Rather than describe updates to it here, I'm including these on my other blog (Independent Learning). My opinion on the holidays is more or less unchanged from last year, but I hope my social situation improves a bit.

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