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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Back again

Since mid September, I've been in a mental and physical slump. Although I've more or less continued my other activities, I haven't been blogging.

For one, the cardiac surgery I was looking at probably isn't going to happen anytime soon. The surgeon I was referred to declined to operate, and indicated that given certain details of my condition, the risks and complications would probably outweigh the benefits. He regards my condition as non-life threatening. That's the latest word on my phuscal health.
The relationship with the Significant Other I mentioned earlier has been emotionally stressfu;. By more or less mutual agreement, it's changed to a more distant friendship without the romantic involvement.
I've also done a physical move, to a ground floor apartment in the same complex.
For a time I was also heavily involved in some role-playing and computer games. That's been tapering off a little. I also resumed attempts to publicize my three valued logic, but current interes interest in it seems no greater than it has ever been. I've resumed active work on my Knowledge Base. Rather than describe updates to it here, I'm including these on my other blog (Independent Learning). My opinion on the holidays is more or less unchanged from last year, but I hope my social situation improves a bit.

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