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Monday, August 06, 2007

For some reason, I seem to have become obsessed with the War Story I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. To do a proper writeup with sources would involve more research than I want to devote the time for, so I'm just going to mention it.

I've been keeping a half-eye on other news. The Counter-insurgency tactics associated with "The Surge" seem to be working, although at the current rates of progress, it may take some time before they are fully successful. Although some commentators are concerned about the political stability of Iraq, there are still so many armed factions disguising themselves among and terrorizing the populace that it is nearly impossible for a democratic government to work. The US has taken the role of a more or less neutral outside party trying to sweep out the violent elements and give those more responsible parties a chance to discuss their various issues and come to an agreement. At the moment, the tactics that go along with this strategy appear to be working, which is causing a problem for the dedicated leave-Iraq-now crowd.

Barak Obama has destroyed himself as a serious candidate for President. He has promised to sit down and meet with leaders of our most determined enemies, while threatening to bomb and invade an ally unless it cooperates with us, in an attempt to go after Osama bin Ladin. All this at the same time his party is calling for withdrawal from Iraq. He's managed to make himself look like he's trying to be a saint on one hand, a bully on the other, and really is dangerously ignorant or naive on both. But presidential campaigns have substantial inertia: I don't think he's going to give it up until he's actually defeated at the polls.

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