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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Asperger's again

Asperger's Syndrome is related to autism, and I was referred to a recent issue of one of the major newsmagazines that discusses Auttsm. I also found, while doing work on my knowledge base, that 2006 has been designated as International Asperger's year. I followed the linke from Wikipedia on the subject.

I've noticed that some of the symptoms described do seem to apply to me.
It's typoical of Asperger's Syndrome for a person affected to be very literal in their thought processes. I've noticed that I have just such a tendency. I kave always had trouble recogniing when people are "just kidding". I also have a tendency to overlook the emotional content of what is being said to me and focus on the literal meaning, and I tend to focus on the literal meaning of what I say. I seem to have difficulty expresssing my feelings. It's not impossible, it's just hard.
Miscommunication is such a common problem that I've xome to expect it. While I seem to express myself reasonably well in writing, ordinary conversation is another matter. My own ability to communicate deteriorates badly when I'm under emotional stress. I have a tendency to either withdraw or explode.
Another trait typical of of Asperger's is a tandency to focus intensely on one or a ew narrow interests. With me, it's one or two at a time. It's very difficult to be balanced. I either overdo something, or underdo it. I have difficulty with both pulling myself away from one of those interests, and focusing on things that aren't onoe of those current interests.
The difficulties I have had in dealing with people, especially with family members, have been frequently atrributed to either ill will, or character flaws. I'm not sure it's either one. I certainly make no claim to moral pefection, but those who ae most severe with my various shortcomings usually fall rather short of angelic themselves.

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