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Monday, July 02, 2007


Left Behind

I admit it. I've always been suspicious of the No Child Left Behind Act. Although I've been more or less avoiding schools like the plague for years (except for the libraries, nearly a second home) , I do have an interest in education. The problem is that although I love learning, I've come to hate school, and although I enjoy teaching, I prefer it when the people I am teaching want to learn. I have no interest in packing 25 or more students all the same age into a classroom and try to teach them all the same thing at the same time, regardless of whether they are prepared or whether they have any interest in the subject. My interest in education has taken a different turn entirely. With the insistence from all quarters on having a Bachelor's degree before I am allowed to teach and the suspicion I faced last time I dared to poke my amateur nose into the sheltered cloisters of secondary education, I'm not sure that I would be even allowed to try. So, I watch the education debate from the sidelines. It's hard to predict what the next coming political debate is going to be, but if the NCLBA is coming up a renewal it will be something I want to watch this time around.

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