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Monday, July 09, 2007



I was going to write something more or less patriotic for the 4th of July, but nothing quite sounded right, and I've been swept up in other things.

My impression of Islam has generally been more favorable than not, but lately it's been taking a beating. Before I express any solid opinions about it, I need do what I would encourage critics of Mormonism to do...Read the book; don't rely on someone else's opinion. I have been following a series, Blogging the Koran, but haven't got around to reading it for myself.
I can't believe that all Muslims are potential terrorists; many of them have to be living good lives. Yet, there are others who by emphasising different passages in the same book find themselves justifying terror. And then I read things like this report from WorldNetDaily about some of the more radical preaching of some Muslims and I wonder.
There is commentary on this same blog that compares Joseph Smith to Mohammed, apparently written by people who have never actually read the Book of Mormon or anything else Joseph Smith wrote. There was an earlier series, on Blogging the Bible, written by a Jew who had never actually read it (The Old Testament, that is). I wonder about the possibility of Blogging the Book of Mormon. Comments, anyone?

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