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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Immigration debate

I'm late to the debate on immigration, but I read that US Majority Leader Harry Reid, and others, with the consent and cooperation of the Minority leader Mitch McConnell and others, are trying to ram a comprehensive immigration reform bill through the Senate, with little opportunity for debate, and with a list of amendments that are being rewritten on the fly that Senators are barely being given a chance to read, let alone debate. Here are 350+ pages of mind numbing legalese, I'll have the latest version for you in an hour, vote yes or no 15 minutes later. I understand that normally, this is not how things are done.

Although I don't claim any special expertise in either legislation or immigration policy and haven't studied the bill, I understand that most Senators haven't been given a chance to do so, either. I wonder about the tactics that are being used. Why is the Senate leadership trying to ram this through, especially when Senators are being inundated with phone calls opposing the bill? What's the tearing rush? I detect a whiff of something rotten.


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