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Friday, August 11, 2006


Summer break

As one of my readers pointed out to me, it's been another long while since I wrote here. I've been occupied with two trips to Virgina, largely to see the Significant Other. I took the opportunity to show my son who has been with me a number of things, such as some Civil War sites, a reenactment of the 1775 Virginia Convention where Patrick Henry gave his "Give me Liberty or give me death" speech, a day at the Atlantic Ocean (Virginia Beach), and a trip to Jamestown on the one trip.

The second trip involved a couple of days at the Great Wolf Lodge, which is a resort hotel with a large water part, a trip to the Virginia Historical Society Museum and a Richmond or Virginia Science Museum, where we saw Superman Returns at the IMAX Theater.

We've also taken advantage of the local library to do some reading, and I FINALLY at long last have an internet connection at home. It's been a busy summer.

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