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Monday, August 21, 2006


Offline again

I mentioned that I'd reached a rather serious financial pinch. In order to accomodate necessities, I'm having to cut expenses back. Back in May, I'd been lent a computer system which I was trying to get connected to the Internet. I signed up for DSL, and purchased an ethernet card which I was trying to install. It runs out that I needed a Windows 98 SE CD in order to install the card. Before I found one, I headed out to Arizona and was gone until the end of June. By that time, I had brought my old computer (still in working order), from Nebraska. I finally got a proper disk around the end of July, and instead of using the borrowed system, I took the ethernet card and installed it instead in my own, and finally got connected to the DSL service I had signed up for earlier. Then last week my old monitor died the death, so I began using the borrowed one.
However, tomorrow I have to return the borrowed system, so that means I will be without a monitor and the funds to replace it. That means that my DSL is useless to me. Given that the bill has been accumulating and is now more than I can really afford and other debts are pressing, it appears that I'll have to cancel it and go to dial-up, perhaps in a month or two. I might still be able to keep library access to the net, although I'm not certain of it.

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