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Friday, June 09, 2006


The driver is LEGAL!

A reader reminded me that I have not updated my blog in a couple of weeks.

The pain in my shoulder that I referred to got so bad that I was urged to see a doctor. I was referred to a local clinic that handles urgent care cases, and it seems to have been a case of Bursitis. The doctor prescribed some pain killers and a muscle relaxant to try to break the cycle of spasms that cause further irritation. After about three days spent sleeping off painkillers, it worked.

Then, on Memorial Day, I found the clearance and reinstatement from Nebraska, and thinking that my Nebraska license was sufficient, went to visit the Significant Other in a neighboring state. I came back through Beckley, West Virginia, which has an office of the state DMV to try to clear up this last loose end, since I had brought all the proper documentation with me. I then found that I was required to start from the beginning with a learner's permit. I stayed in a motel overnight, since I had arrived at the DMV too late to start the driving test, and then on Friday FAILED the driving test! As I suspect about half the drivers in the country would, if they had to retest for their license with that particular examiner without any advance warning. West Virginia law requires 7 days before a retest, so I drove back home (What else could I do? Spend the rest of the week in a motel?) to wait out the week, and take care of other stuff.

The Significant Other came to visit a friend who lives not too far away, and we had another opportunity to visit over the weekend. One of the lessons in church on Sunday emphasized the dangers of sharing personal information on the Internet, through blogging, which has made me much more aware of what kind of information I should be careful about including in this blog. Then I spent the rest of the week clearing various odds and ends (such as calling a friend to help me practice for the retest).

So, this morning I went in to take the driver's exam in Morgantown. This examiner took me throught the parallel parking part of the test, which I handled (as well as the other parking lot driving) smoothly enough that she simply waived the rest of the road test, saying that I obviously knew how to drive. I wasn't about to demand the rest of it. So, Finally, with an apartment, and income, and a car and license, I can once again consider myself a functioning member of society.

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