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Monday, May 08, 2006


Vehicle progress

Where did the weekend go? Oh, now I remember. Saturday I was getting the title to the car I'm buying, and I spent a while reading. Yesterday I was at church and then talking to people, including family. I got a copy of my Nebraska Driving record so I could start the next key step, getting insurance. This is necessary both for getting the car registered and legally transported here from Pennsylvania, and for getting my driver's license back. Apparently Nebraska has a seriously arcane procedure for reinstating a suspended license and it may take a couple more weeks for the wheels of bureaucracy to grind.
I'm not used to feeling upbeat and cheerful for extended periods of time...usually, after a few days to a couple of weeks, I'm expecting to fall into a funk to some degree. But...I've had a kind of help I haven't had before. Is it possible for feeling cheerful and positive to become the rule rather than the exception? We shall see.

Would that help be Prozac? Wait let me check my ID. Me
I've tried Prozac, & Zoloft in the past. This time it's human help and seems to be working much better.
Sometimes it takes a little of both. Tell her i said hi! Me
Would that be Prozac or Zoloft I'm supposed to say "Hi" to?
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