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Monday, May 01, 2006


Snailing, Snailing

Moving along, more slowly than I would like. I'm still working on the chicken-and-egg car insurance problem, although I am in the process of purchasing a vehicle to insure, which should simplify the process somewhat. With a telephone, vehicle, and better internet access (also in progress), I should almost be in shape to rejoin society.
I just saw an article in one of the local weekly papers that are sent out in the mail on an organization that's working with the homeless in Morgantown. I don't think I met those people: They work mostly with people who are worse off than I was. But, I've volunteered to put together a life & recovery skills class for the shelter I was in, and should be starting that next week.

What a wonderful thing to do, trying to give something back. You are a man I could love forever, Me
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