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Monday, May 15, 2006


Scaling back

I don't recall that I accomplished much Saturday...besides checking e-mail and a few groceries, and a lot of talking. I got in trouble for something I said and ended on a very awkward and painful note, and was blue most of the day Sunday, so my phone call to my mother wasn't very cheerful, but I did finally get the trouble straightened out later in the evening. I took the car into the shop this morning for a pair of tires and a lube job; then to another mechanic for an alignment and a state inspection. I only succeeded in making an appointment, and asking the mechanic about a certain wheel noise. It could be that a wheel bearing is going bad, which would account for alignment problems and uneven wear on some of the tires. Saturday I got a bank statement and it's taken a lot longer than I anticipated to get my checkbook balanced. It's finally right, though, so I can make plans with more confidence.
I have an informal, mental budget and right now it seems that I'm fairly close to it, but a bit over. I can take care of necessary expenses, but car-related expenses been cutting into my summer trip plans, and I'm having to drop one anticipated side trip for the activities I had planned for the summer. It could be a lot worse.

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