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Wednesday, May 10, 2006



Yesterday was a pretty bad day. I showed up to do a presentation on life and recovery skills at the local homeless shelter, and no one showed up. Not one single solitary person. I was seriously unhappy and frustrated. Well, at least this time I had an excuse for feeling down. But, I'm not so discouraged I'm giving up. I've had a couple of ideas suggested that should help with recruitment and so forth. I also got a certificate of insurance for the car I'm buying.
This morning was rather better. Now that I've had my necessary dose of the blues and recovered, I can go back to feeling cheerful. I've now registered the car and have plates, so now as soon as I can recruit another driver, and someone else to take us up to Pennsylvania, I can bring it back.

I realize this is from 2 years ago, but you ask how to get people to comment? Ask open end questions, invite people to comment.
Love you; me.
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