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Saturday, May 20, 2006



I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was beginning a new chapter in my life. That was an understatement. At about the same time as the chapter of moving into a new place, I began a personal relationship that makes this merely the prologue to a whole new book. I'm not discussing the details at present, out of respect for the other person involved, but this has been opening a vast range of new or renewed possibilities, experiences, and yes, strains and stresses.

I couldn't have handled this kind of relationship a year ago, or before, and even though I'm feeling emotionally rather shaky and trembling, there is enough promise that I've been streadily moving forward. Developing a whole new set of habits of personal management, getting the car, and making preparations for the trip west are one thing, but at the same time adjusting to an additional set of emotional needs, urges, and demands that need to be resolved in a comparatively short period of time is an even more difficult balancing act. I've been a bit stressed this week and showing signs of depression, such as insomnia and not being happy about successes and good news, which haven't helped the relationship one little bit.

Nevertheless, I'm moving forward. I'm wearing clean clothes, keeping my face shaved and teeth brushed, my apartment fairly uncluttered, the bills are up to date and I've been following through on what I have said I will do. I've been keeping my e-mail read, my blogs written, and I've even picked up work on my Knowledge Base again.

So...how do I relieve stress? Hmm, I seem to have something of shortage of ways to do it...

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