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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The car is legal, the driver isn't.

When I was coming out of the apartment this morning, I was greeted by a trio of ducks. I must say it was better weather for them than it was for me.

Apparently the wheel bearings on the car seem to be OK. It did need alignment, The "toe" adjustment on 3 of the 4 wheels was badly out of line, but otherwise it was mostly good. It's also passed the state safety inspection, so it's now legal. The mysterious noise seems to be gone on normal, straight driving, but I did hear it on a sharp turn.
No visible progress on the DL: I need to call the Nebraska DMV to see if there has been any I haven't heard of yet. Once I get it, I can move forward with confidence in several other areas.

I seem to be gradually pulling out of Sunday's blues. Yesterday wasn't as bad, and today isn't as bad as that, and it's not a full crashing depression: I'm still going forward, still working, still getting stuff done, although everytime one thing gets done, there are two or three waiting to take its place. But the most critical things are more or less under control, if I stay on top of them.

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