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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Almost there

My Nebraska Driver's license is now clear, so I will be applying for my WV driver's license later today. Assuming that everything goes well without more bureaucratic delays, I should finally be mobile, at long last. There's nothing quite achieving a major goal that opens up new possibilities.

That, in turn, will clear me to begin acting on my summer travel plans, with a couple of long-delayed and long-anticipated trips to build and repair some family relationships. I expect to be out of town for a couple of weeks, but I may be able to continue adding to this blog while I'm gone, on the same basis as I did while I was walking.

I got an estimate yesterday for dental work that I am going to need done. I should still be able to fit it in my budget, at least the necessary work. I also finished a round of the "rebuilding" course at the homeless shelter. I think it could have gone better, but it was a start.

Once again, I'm grateful for all the help people have given me.

Post Script. AAARGGHH!!!! BAD assumption, when dealing with any kind of bureaucracy, that everything will go well, without any delays. Nebraska is sending me a clearance letter, confirming that my driver's license is no longer suspended, and the West Virginia DMV wants to see it before they will give me one. So now I get to wait on the USPS so I can jump this one last hurdle. And I had already asked for a vacation mail hold on my mail...more aggravation.
I'm also dealing with what seems to be a pulled muscle, which is sending a sharp wave of pain up my back and shoulder every few seconds. I must confess that I have had better days.

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