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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Picking fights

I've been reminded of a talk that was given in the recent LDS General Conference on the general theme of anger and contention, one that I appreciated much when I heard it.
One of the reasons I haven't deal much with current events and politics on this blog is that I increasingly dislike the divisive tone of political discourse: It's either Hate the gays, or Hate the oppressive religious right: Hate the Democrats or Hate the Republicans; Hate the evil Bush Administration or Hate the terrorists. What ever happened to civilized debate? What happened to recognizing that those who disagree with you sometimes do have a point and admitting it? What happened to disagreeing without being disagreeable? What happened to attack the argument with reason, not the person with passion?
There are plenty of blogs that discuss current events and politics. While I have plenty of opinions, I dislike going unarmed and unarmored into battle; especially if I'm going to be arguing both sides of questions that really aren't all that important. For now, I'm still trying to improve my personal position.

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