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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Baching it

I found that the apartment I moved into was unfurnished, which makes things a bit difficult. The floor doesn't make a good mattress: I had to break out the trusty old sleeping bag I've carried across the country, and I have no place to store stuff or sit, except the floor. Showers are far more convenient than they were in the shelter. Food is rather harder: I don't have to share the refrigerator with 20 people, but I do have to do my own cooking. Communication (with a local phone) is much more convenient. I haven't picked a long-distance carrier yet. Transportation is difficult; I'm a mile and a half from the downtown area where I was doing my studies, so it's either ride the bus, which constrains my hours at the library rather badly, or walk, which consumes time and gets harder on the feet every year. If it were a matter of life and death or other dire necessity, I could maybe take another hike across the country...but I certainly wouldn't want to, and would go even slower. Medical and dental care are a bit easier. Most people have little idea how hard the comforts of life that most of us take for granted are, to people in a homeless situation.
I could make things a little more comfortable by spending more money, but extended perios of doing without can make for habits of frugality that I'm in no rush to break. I have long-overdue debts to take care of.

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