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Monday, March 27, 2006



For those who are following this and wonder where I've been, I'm still alive and still here. But, things are finally, at long last, starting to move.

Since I'm qualified for SS Disability and SSI, which helps out a great deal in the finances department. I've started apartment hunting, so I hope to move into my own place by the beginning of the month.
I guess my heart decided I wasn't celebrating enough, so it started thumping, and pounding, and racing, and getting sore and achy. I decided that if this went on very long, I was going to be in sad shape, so called it an emergency and went into the hospital for observation early Tuesday morning (the 21st) After an echocardiogram about noon, a doctor came in about 6 pm and told me:
A) My blood pressure was too high. B) My heart condition is the same thing it was 6 months ago when I got everyone excited by flunking the stress test. C) My heart walls are twice as thick as anybody else's and stiff to boot, so there's not the capacity inside or the action to sustain a lot of activity, which accounts for the aches and shortness of breath. D) I need to bring my blood pressure down to below 100. It's 150 at the arm, which means it's around 230 inside the heart, which is enough to kill a horse and I'm not a horse so if I want to live, bring it down. E) Bringing my blood pressure down will help a whole lot of things. F) He didn't know why my heart sometimes decides to run wild when all I'm trying to do is get some sleep. G) The number one most important thing I can do is bring the blood pressure down. OK, I got the word, but did he have to tell the whole floor?
Then they turned me loose.

I've been devoting a bunch of time to e-mail correspondence with a woman I ment on LDS Mingle. There are worse things I could be doing with my time, but my list of things-I-need-to-do-but-haven't-found-time-for is growing again and I need to prune the list by geting some of them done.

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