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Friday, March 31, 2006


End of a Chapter

I haven't emphasized it or made a big deal of it, so it may have escaped the notice of some of my readers that since I arrived in Morgantown a year and a half ago, that since then I've been in living in a homeless shelter. It's a very nice program, designed to help people get back on their feet. It's taken an uncommonly long time for me to do so; more than most people would have the patience for.

However, due to qualifying for disability and some help from the shelter, I am finally moving into an apartment on my own, next Monday. April 4. Celebrations may now begin.

I'm very grateful to the directors and staff at the Bartlett House in Morgantown for their help, patience, and forbearance, and to Morgantown's Milan Puskar Health Right for their help in medical services. I owe more than I can ever repay, but if there is anyway I can now help others out of poverty and despair, I mean to do so. And for those various friends who have followed my story (You should know who you are) and offered good wishes, support, and prayers, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

But this is not the end of this blog, oh no. It's the beginning of a new chapter. I'm still going to be offering commentary and personal opinion...

From the Ground

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