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Monday, February 13, 2006



I never intended to go this long without posting here. I found a new computer game at www.pardus.at, and have spent more time than I should figuring my way around in it. But the "new" has worn off, so I'm back to doing other things.

I had word from a family member that my mother has cancer. I'm not going to include my various thoughts and feelings about this sitution here, other than that it mingles with other background stress that I can do little about.

This weekend, I decided to start yet another new blog: (I have 3 active, 2 inactive). This one is called Virtual World Building and is a place for exploring some of my more creative ideas. I mean to include topics from science, mathematics, computer programming, as well as elements from the knowledge base to help organize my thinking. It would go much, much, better if I had my computer with me, but since I don't have room for it and it's sitting half the country away...Well, I can either give up the idea (I've taken that approach), or figure "If I can't do what I want to, I'll do what I can".

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