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Saturday, October 01, 2005



Me and my big mouth. I woke up at wee-thirty in the morning yesterday when one of my roommates came to bed, accompanied by the distinctive aroma of alcohol on the breath. I got up and reported said matter to the staff member on duty. There was one person who overheard me make the report.
The next morning, when I got up, I overheard the person I had mentioned complaining that someone was trying to get him into trouble, and that he doesn't drink. I went to a higher level of staff and made the same report, mentioning that I'm all in favor of the presumption of innocence, but in this case, as far as I'm concerned, it's rather gone, and I could either believe my ears (his protestations that he doesn't drink) or my nose. Also that if said person has a problem and is in denial about it, it's not good for him, the shelter, or anyone else that resides there.

I encountered said person last night. Our conversation went like this (in different words)
"You went ratting to staff, accusing me of coming in drunk. It's a lie."
"I smelled you. Drinking is against the rules."
"I wasn't drunk, I don't drink, I'm allergic to the stuff, and you're just trying to get me into trouble. I've got enough problems and people trying to run me out of here. You should have got me up and gotten some proof, rather than go making false accusations."
"I don't think waking up drunks is such a great idea. I hear tell that some of them get violent."
"What, harmless me? And you pull stuff too, and now you've got no proof. Next time, get it before you go accusing people. And I'm not hearing you apologize."
"I don't think I did anything wrong."
"Next time you think you smell something, wake me up before you go making accusations."
"OK. By the way, nice innocent act, but I've met some con men."
"You calling me a liar?"

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