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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Splash and sparkle

I've been getting some nice compliments the past week or so, which makes me feel rather nice. Is it an abdication of my responsibility for my own life to note that how I am treated makes just as much an impact as my own decisions?

When people criticize or find fault with me, I droop like wilted lettuce. Tell me how gloomy I am, and the gloom deepens. Tell me I'm lazy, and I become too discouraged to get up in the morning. Tell me I'm ugly, and I cease to care how I look or smell.
If it's with praise or encouragement, I preen. I shine. I splash, sparkle, dazzle and throw off sparks of wisdom and wit. If people tell me I'm smart, I become smarter. If they tell me I'm good looking, I try to look better. If they tell me I'm kind, I behave more kindly. I enjoy returning good for good; double and good measure, packed down, heaped together, and running over.

It's as natural as breathing, and slightly less controllable.

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