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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Moving forward

For anyone who might have been concerned, the person who I thought had come in smelling of alcohol is gone. Echoes of rumors suggest that he was removed for cause and not solely because of my report.

I also have it from one who would know that the police cleared me of involvement in the case of the missing computer from the Institute, and I am no longer suspected.

One of the things I've decided to do is start taking more interest in people around me; I like it when people express an interest in me, innocuous things like "where are you from?", but I feel like I'm being intrusive when I ask. I don't usually much care for unsolicited advice, but sometimes I don't mind. So, I'm trying to interact a little bit more. But sometimes it feels awkward, something like an elephant trying to tiptoe through the garden.

One of the things I've picked up studying is the English language; using the Bible as material. (After all, whether one is religious or not, it is the single most important work of Western Civilization, and no one can be considered educated who hasn't at least read it.)
I've also checked out a couple of books from the library; one on exercises for fiction writers; (it seems I have plenty of story seeds, but not much skill at turning them into readable and interesting works; It's a skill I would like to develop), and another on drawing; artistic drawing, that is. Some of my lesser interests have been buried under layers of permafrost. It's part of my rebuilding project to develop some of them.

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