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Monday, October 31, 2005


Happy Halloween! Whee...urgh

After a huge spurt of game-related activity at first, I'm starting to back down to something more reasonable. I've also been heavily involved in correspondence (I'm verrryyy slow at writing; I tend to edit on the run, and then re-edit and repolish, especially if I am emotionally involved, so that it takes an hour to write what turns out to be a three-line note. Have I discovered an unnamed phenomenon? Writer's constipation? I know people who seem to have verbal diarhhea...running off at the mouth...this is rather the opposite.

I may not be very active physically, but my mind never quits. That can be a problem when it doesn't like to shut down at night (can't sleep at night, can't stay awake during the day). It turns into a roller-coaster cycle: from feeling energetic, full of vim, vigor and vitality, [I'mmm....OFF to be the wizard!!, the wonderful wizard of...] to being exhausted, headachy, and feeling like doggie do. It's compounded when there's emotional stress going on. And it's not a regular cycle: Saturday morning I was in fine form, by Sunday evening I was looking nearly as ghastly as I felt, or so one of my housemates observed. Up and down; I don't manage it too very well, but I *am* slowly learning.

Someone mentioned a site, www.cardiomyopathy.org, which has some discussion of my heart condition, for anyone who has any interest in the details. In my case, the mitral valve is obstructed and vigorous activity does start to interfere with cardiac circulation. How long that's been a problem I don't know, but possibly a long time. What I have seems to be inherited, and when my doctor mentioned this, I told how I'd seem some similarities with my mother..he recommended that I suggest to her that she have an echocardiogram.

But even if I'm not fit to run a marathon and the doctor's don't recommend I start trying to train for one, I'm not in a wheelchair and don't need a walker. I did notice that I've been gaining weight, and at an increasing rate, and after the sixth time someone asked when I was due, I decided that it's time to shed a few pounds. It's really not that hard for me to diet, I find, given that I often get so involved reading, studying, or writing that I forget to eat anyway...

Happy Halloween! Since I'm not going to any costume parties, I don't have to dress up as a wizard disguised as a muggle.

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