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Friday, September 23, 2005


Invisible design

Every so often someone observes that I don't seem to be doing anything with my life, that I seem to be drifting aimlessly. No, No, and again NO!! that's not the case.

I do have goals and a purpose that I'm working toward; it's just that my particular goals and purposes and means are unconventional. (Yes, I'm out of step with what people tend to expect of me, and yes I'm marching to a different drummer). I don't care to debate them. For anyone who cares to become more informed on what I'm working toward, check my Sapience Knowledge Base, (inactive pending better access) or my Independent Learning blog (active).

To use an analogy, my mother does crochet. Many a time, I've seen her completely unravel a piece which was well in progress and start over, because she had dropped a stitch or made some mistake early on, and the consequences showed up later.
Same idea. I'm weaving threads of knowledge together according to a pattern of my own design, expecting to produce something that's both beautiful and useful.

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