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Thursday, September 08, 2005


I am suspected

Yesterday afternoon a detective from the Morgantown PD came looking for me and asked me to come into the station. He read my my rights and started asking some strange questions about my church membership and activity. It turned out that someone thought I might have taken a laptop computer from the Institute building last November or so, and he's still trying to track it down. I told him I didn't take it, I have no idea who did, I didn't even know one was missing. The detective also asked me what I would say to a report that I had taken a laptop in to the library and asked for it to be reformatted. I said it didn't happen. He asked if I thought the person who reported the incident was a liar; I said it's more likely mistaken identity. He asked if I had any idea who that other person might have been, or whether, who, or why someone would want to get me into trouble by making a false accusation, and I didn't know. After a few other questions, he let me go.

I'm more amused by it than anything else, because of all the ways I might go about trying to get a computer, stealing one from the church is about the last one I'd try. I've taken to announcing to all and sundry that I'm not telling where the computer is.

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