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Tuesday, September 20, 2005



For anyone who knows me, does this ring any bells?

you seem to be hinting here that the behaviors described as Asperger's Syndrome fit you. so it is important to ask, "in what way do they fit you?" "what about it fits you?" "how does it fit you," etc. do you really believe you're a candidate for such a classification? are you perhaps flirting with the idea because it has occasion to fit?
Call it a working diagnosis by a psychologist I have been seeing. Until about March of this year, I had never heard of it, and was immediately skeptical. But I mentioned it to someone else who suggested I bestir myself to learn more about it, and I took a look at the link I included. Certain aspects do seem to fit. Since some readers of this blog are acquainted with me in person but do not otherwise correspond with me, I'm suggesting to them that they also take a look. I would prefer not to discuss the details in public.
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