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Tuesday, August 23, 2005



Well, yesterday I got sung to, a cupcake, and a package of cookies from a roommate. All in all, it was better than last year's Bday, which I spent walking along a highway in Indiana. (check the archive).
Over the past few months I'm been having surprising shortness of breath on surprisingly moderate exercise; I don't think I would dare repeat last summer's walk. I'd get winded just picking up my pack. I finally got in to see the doctor at the health clinic, who ran a couple of EKGs. He said all it tells him for certain is that I've had high blood pressure for a while, which I already knew. It might be a heart problem, it might be a lung problem, or it might be just being out of shape. Which is not a great deal more than I already thought it might be. Anyway, I'm being scheduled for a couple more tests.
In the meantime, I practiced my standup-sitdown gags on the nurse who was doing the EKG: Did Dr. Frankenstein invent this machine? Where's the jolt of electricity that's supposed to wake you up? If she accidentally pinches me with the clamps that are supposed to go on the patches, does that mean I get to pinch her back? (That, it seems, would be a definite No!).

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