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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Happy Easter

Most of my attention for the past couple of weeks has gone to my Independent Learning blog. I'm continuing this one for news (for those people who use it to check up on how or what I am doing), and other random thoughts.
No major changes, but various things are still in progress. I wanted to comment a little on the Terry Schiavo case. It's unforunate that this has come down to a legal battle. If she could no longer breathe without assistance, I could agree with a decision to simply turn off the respirator. But death by thirst and starvation is lingering and slow, and my sympathies go with her parents in this case, and if the law doesn't allow those who wish to keep her alive to prevail, there is something wrong with the law.

I'm grateful for the mercy of Jesus Christ. He is the greatest of all heroes, the one who followed the call of the Father, went through unimaginable grief and torture, and returned from the dead with gifts of salvation from death and hell for all humankind, and endless glory and eternal life for those who will follow his path. For myself, I'm naturally a skeptic, and I tend to want proof before I believe. It's not easy for me to have the simple faith of a child. But at critical times in my life, he has reached out to rescue me from killing despair, for which I will always be grateful.
Happy easter.

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