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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Economics and government

I've been busy during my limited time on-line the last few days. I've been writing to a new contact from a profile I put up a while ago on a social site, and participating in an LDS discussion group at Nauvoo.com. Otherwise, so far nothing has come through for me from Mountaineer temps, and I've been working on the knowledge base a bit more slowly.

So far my comments on the relationship between economics and government are very general. Governments engage in economic activities, not so much production, but in distribution and exchange, and are major consumers of certain goods and services. They regulate various industries for various purposes, and are closely involved in economic and financial systems. There are some large multinational corporations that are not governed by any one government, and these may be of special concern in an interdisciplinary study.
For the other part, the activities of businesses are regulated by law, and may be closely tied to government operations and activities. The influence of business on government is usually indirect, through the political process, and various levels of government, from local through national and international government are all concerned with economics and trade.

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