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Monday, February 07, 2005



I'm still wrestling with the problem of balancing priorities; the "scheme" I was using isn't workable.
Going on intuition, I still have a tendency to focus overly much on one area, and the Facts on File has a lot of information, but it isn't organized the way I would like it. It has rather too much detail, so I've been working on summaries at monthly, quarterly, annual, 5-year, 20 year, and 100 year intervals. I can only do so many of these before my notes pages are all connections and no content, which is a sign that I'm focusing too much on history.
Without going throug the details, I took another look at my "Peoples" section, and decided that I need to work more on this than on history proper. Then I reviewed my institutions section, and that needs even more attention. So, I expect to be looking at the modern history of Western government.

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