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Tuesday, February 08, 2005



I had an interview this morning at Mountaineer Temporaries (the WVU Temporary service). I'm supposed to report for orientation with my work documentation and so forth next Thursday. It would have been this Thursday, except that I have a couple of medical appointments. Apparently what they have right now is food service and janitorial positions. I'm willing to take those if that's what available and needs doing, but they don't fill me with enthusiasm.

I'm no expert on political science, and I haven't liked political science textbooks. The subject isn't nearly as well organized as the "hard sciences" of physics and chemistry; there is a lot more idealogy and philosophy mixed in with factual information that I don't want to deal with. So, I'm looking at a historical survey and a worldwide survey of particular governments. It's easiest to get information on present governments than those of the distant past. To begin with, I'm picking the US government, the UN, and then doing comparisons of these with other governments. At the same time, I'm working on connections with their structure, activities, law, and connections to other areas of study. Before long, these will start branching into other areas of study I need to look at. But I can do that. One area I want to look at is the religious basis and connections.

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