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Wednesday, February 02, 2005



I've been suffering a nasty cold since last weekend, which has slowed things considerably. I have a job interview next week at Mountaineer Temporaries, where WVU gets its temporary employees.

Continuing with the review, a great deal of human life and activity is in the area I call culture. This has three major divisions, associated with things, behavior, and ideas. This includes but isn't confined to the fine arts.

Things or artifacts, including buildings, vehicles, books, dress, food, tools and machinery, artistic objects, and numerous other categories of objects are an important part of human society. Especially in the past century and in Western civilization, the development of these areas has considerably influenced human society in varioys complex ways.

Behavior includes customs, hobbies, occupations, performing arts, sports and games, and other things that people do. This is another very broad, general area, since many of these topics are highly specialized.

Still another category includes things such as philosophy, applied science, mathematics, literature, graphic arts, and language. I tend to treat philosophy a bit warily, because much of it is speculative and disputable. Applied science includes things such as engineering, accounting, measurement, and other areas that don't go with the natural science, but involve applications of mathematics. Although mathematics is often categorized as a science, it has closer affinities with language than the things and events of nature.

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