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Monday, January 03, 2005


New Year

Happy New Year to all!

I'm not a great believer in New Year's Resolutions, but if I were to make one, it would probably be to spend less time in the library and behind computers, and more interacting with other people.
Since the library was closed for the New Year's weekend, I haven't been able to do daily posts. I've been a little depressed over the holidays in general and the weekend in particular, but I need to do what I can.
I've been doing a little analysis of the obstacles that keep me from seeking and finding employment. Many of them are internal. One of the chiefest ones is lack of direction or focus. As long as I'm not certain about where I am going or how to get there, it's hard to get moving. This, I think, is the biggest obstacle. Another is simple timidity.
In connection with the analysis, I wrote out a list of what I consider my skills and accomplishments that came to a full page. I'm not sure how it can be condensed into one or two sentences on a job application, or how to express it believably without sounding boastful.

Happy New Year to you as well!

Have you considered/asked about working in the library? Since you spend a great deal of time there...might be a good place to start, until you find something else that you'd like better.

If they're not hiring...there is always Monster.com and Craigslist.org

Good Luck~
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