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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Economics, education, families

I'm continuing with the survey of areas in my knowledge base.
By economics I'm referring to companies and business, industries, economic systems such as the world or economic systems, and the activities of consumption, buying, and producing. As with the other areas, this is rather too much to cover in a brief note. The history of corporate and economic development is not as well covered as I would like it to be, and I am interested in getting a better picture of the the economy at various levels of society.

Education is another area of particular interest. I've attended 5 colleges and visited several more, escaping with an AS - Individualized program (heavy in math, computer science, and liberal arts but no BS or BA, and I've volunteered at a couple of elementary schools. I'm no expert on school organization or administration, but I've made no secret of my interest in libraries and other educational facilities. I enjoy teaching when I've had the opportunity. but I'm not at all certain I want to teach in the public schools as they are now organized. My interests run more to research. I'm trying to pick up information on the history of education, especially at various levels of society.

Families are the other major area I include in institutions. In our society, they are smaller and less well organized than government, churches, companies, or schools; although in other societies kinship is a much more important way of organizing society. I don't consider myself more of an expert on families than anyone else who has one: since I tend to catch grief when dealing with my family, I'm trying to resolve my own difficulties so they don't get in the way.

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