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Wednesday, December 22, 2004



It's been a long time since I updated, as I've been reminded.
I've been a little bit depressed about my own efforts and sometimes doubtful about my value to society or my own little corner of it. I must confess to a tendency to curl up and hide in a corner, which is the principal reason I haven't been updating lately.
I'm also dealing with pressure from the Bartlett House to find a job, any job, but since discussing this topic tends to get me into more trouble than it solves, I'll not say more.
I have more or less made a transfer into the ward here, but I still haven't had a get-acquainted interview with the Bishop. Not having transportation makes it a little difficult, given that the meetingplace is several miles from downtown.
Thanksgiving was on the lonely side: I had a nice dinner, but sociality has been on the thin side. I don't like to press for invitations, or impose on people. Christmas looks to be about the same.
There's a man I met at church here in Morgantown who has given me a couple of opportunities to work with him and earn some money for basic necessities. He's currently unemployed himself, but he's been friendly; I've been going to church with him and we've had some nice conversations.
Somehow, I think, things will work out, or so I keep hoping, but for now I'm still just getting by. Not as much progress as I hope for, but not as bad as I, or some people, have feared. Merry Christmas to all.

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