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Wednesday, November 10, 2004



I had difficulties arranging for a ride to church Sunday, so I was going to go to the student ward. While I was waiting, a member stopped to leave his daughter there, mentioned that he was going on to the regular ward, so I asked for a ride, and made it there.
A different man offered me a ride home, and on the way asked me if I wanted a job. It was a temporary one, delivering phone directories, and he suggested that we take a compact area that I could do on foot. He picked me up Monday morning and got a route doing the local mall, and a nearby trailer court. He helped me out doing some businesses on the side streets, then left me at the mall to deliver to all the business there, and then took me to the trailer court in the afternoon. I wasn't able to finish it before dark, but we came back Tuesday and I finished the trailer court, and we finished the rest of the route. Unfortunately...I was suffering what feels like a touch of the flu (feverish, achy, and weak) at the same time I was lugging a cart full of phone books up and down the hilly streets.
So, I passed up the chance to take an extra route, but I did earn enough money that I won't be quite so badly pinched for cash once I get paid in a couple of days. I've run out of paper for my studies and writing, too, so I should be able to get back to my studies soon. I have a couple of nagging questions I want to go back to and look up the answers. Some of them are physics questions, some are chemistry questions, and there are several other related ones.

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