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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Been a while

I see that the last time I wrote was to complain about my dental problems, some two weeks ago. Those have cleared up now, thanks to the antibiotic. I'm making slow progress on getting better established: I managed to contact my bank in Nebraska, and requested checks with a local address so I can get to the money in it, I'm waiting for a duplicate of my Birth Certificate, and I've made it to the regular ward and begin the process of gettign active in it.
No good news on the job front, unless I count the rejected application for employment, which I could have predicted.

If there were such a thing, I would seek employment as a consulting generalist.
Years ago when I was trying to decide on a college major, I found myself putting together a program of study that include the fundamentals of most of the majors on campus. It wouldn't have gained approval, since it didn't include any upper division work, but that was what I was interested in. Since I've had problems getting into and staying in school but have an incessant thirst to read, study, and learn, I've picked up a fair amount of this introductory material by my own study. I've examined and outlined science textbooks, encyclopedias, college catalogs, the Library of Congress scheduling catalogs, the yellow pages, math textbooks, sociology and anthropology and history textbooks, and various lists and compilations of all kinds.
So, what is all this good for? Not much...except that I can look at almost any problem from a "Different", or sometimes multiple different perspectives. Some of these things I can tutor at an elementary level. But I don't know how to "Sell" this package without proper credentials or proof of expertise.

People with a little knowlege in a lot of subjects make good writers, good grade school or high school teachers, and, related to teaching, good parents.
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