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Monday, October 18, 2004


One step forward, one step back

One step forward, one step back. I went to church Sunday at the WVU student ward, since I still haven't made contact with the regular ward bishop. While I was there, one of the ward members, who is a 4th year dental student there, saw my swollen cheek and jaw and suspected some kind of infection. He took a look, and then called the on-duty resident at the Dental clinic and reported what he saw. The resident prescribed an antibiotic, and the student took me to the pharmacy to fill it, and strongly urged I report to the clinic to have it examined. The swelling seemed to have gone down some, but I went anyway.

It took me until the afternoon to make it to the clinic, and was seen. The same oral surgeon saw me, described what I had as a postoperative infection, opened up the wound and cleaned it out. Since I already have the antibiotic, I should be in better shape, but so far the cure is as painful as the disease.

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