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Saturday, October 02, 2004


Cold feet

It's frustrating when I start off with good intentions and then...back off. I've finished my initial survey of the downtown area of Morgantown, but haven't yet gone beyond it much. I'm all too hesitant to actually go and fill out applications and talk to people. I do other things instead, or "in preparation", to the point of being guilt-ridden.
All too many people are willing to give me advice on what my attitude needs to be or what I need to do, but there are practical issues involved with getting to work, if it's not in walking range, with finding leads and evaluating them, and most of all, with "cold feet". Few of my applications yield interviews, and I tend to freeze up at the very thought of approaching people about anything, employment included. (I wasn't kidding when I said at the very beginning that I'd rather walk halfway across the country than apply for a job).
There are some small steps I can take that I haven't yet done, but the whole process is very much different from the clear map-directed straightforward travel I've been doing.

The best advice I've heard is from a Nike commercial - "Just Do It".

However, you've already indicated you don't listen to advice much.
Best advice I've heard - Just Do It.

However, maybe you need to think about finding someone to talk to, that could help you discover why you won't -"Just Do it".

Maybe this post will disappear also.
You had lots of interactions along your journey so you don't seem to be the type to shy away from conversation. Perhaps it is the step of pinning yourself down to a job that makes you more hesitant than actually striking up a conversation and making moves to get employed.

It may seem too simple but "just do it" is what you need to do. I think the first attempt will make the rest easier.
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