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Wednesday, September 22, 2004



HERE I AM! Here I stay. Along with the deep satisfaction and enormous feeling of accomplishment of setting out to do something difficult and finishing it, as well as making a move that I have been wanting to do for many years, I am determined to never do this again. When I travel in the future, it will be either a fast way, or recreational and in company with others.

The man that drove me as far as Pennsboro took me on to Clarksburg, and missed the turn into downtown, so I suggested he take me as far as Fairmont. He got gas there, bought me a burger and shake, and went on, while I went from south Fairmont to downtown. Traffic was heavy, the road shoulders very narrow, and there were no sidewalks, so it took me a while dodging traffic: another man offered a ride the rest of the way into downtown.
I reached the library, but only a couple of hours before closing, so I didn't accomplish much. I decided to spend the rest of the day going on into Morgantown, took US 19, and walked the whole way, well into the night and all the next morning. Up and down every single hill. Traffic wasn't as heavy, but I still had to do a lot of dodging.
Morgantown is the largest of a collection of four towns jammed together on the bank of the Monongahela River. Westover, Star City, and I think Grantsville. It took a couple of hours to go the couple of miles through Westover. I was taking mental notes all through the town: I may have more to do later.

Now that I've accomplished one of my long-standing and important desires, it frees me up to begin working on other things. Although the trip hasn't been easy, it's been worthwhile. I think I'm willing and ready to do some things that I wasn't ready to do before.

I've decided to continue this journal, but the focus will change. I still have some challenges to deal with: making the transition from being transient to an employed, productive citizen. Finding shelter is the first priority, then employment. I will be adding commentary on local and other events, and more of my opinions. I may go back through previous entries in the travel journal and add links to places I've been.

Thanks to the various readers who have let me know that they have been following my travels. I appreciate you all.

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