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Saturday, September 04, 2004



I went past the Miami University library, but because of Labor Day weekend, it was closed earlier than usual. I sat at a bench in front to do some writing, and found that quite a few students were also rather frustrated at the early close. On the way out of town, I passed the home of Lorenzo Langstroth, the "Father of American Beekeeping". He was the inventor of the modern movable-frame beehive, in the mid 1800s, and wrote on many other applied aspects of beekeeping. I note this because my Dad was involved in beekeeping for a time.
The highway south of the town limits was lined with miles of housing as closely packed dense as many urban residential areas, although, since it is a rural area, the road had narrow shoulders and no one troubled with sidewalks. It took a while to find an empty, unused field where I could stay the night out of sight. This morning I made it about 3 miles further, when a woman and her young son stopped to offer a ride into Hamilton. It still took until noon to get to the library in downtown Hamilton, but it should be no trouble to reach church tomorrow. Still haven't found a map, but I can take some good notes here in the library which will get me further. Again, the Labor Day weekend will slow things down. Roughly speaking, I will be heading toward Chilocothe, but that's several days travel at least, and I'm not quite sure of my best route. I'm also told that the remnants of the Hurricane going through Florida should show up in this area in the form of thunderstorms by the middle of the week, which may slow me down even further.

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