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Monday, September 27, 2004


First step

I've been continuing, and making good progress in my explorations of the downtown Morgantown area and making notes on the businesses in the area. Although there is a nice mix of various kinds of businesses, there are too many bars and the like. This, in turn, attracts the college drinking cround and the rowdy element from surrounding areas on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, and creates something of a crime problem. Fortunately, I'm not out during those hours, and don't intend to be.
I found the Morgantown student ward and make contact with the LDS Church and attended meetings there Sunday. This served for this week, but I should probably be attending the regular ward, and still need to make contact there.
I have been staying nights at the Bartlett House, but the "downstairs" is only a nighttime shelter, and I can't leave my backpack there which makes it awkward for
finding employment. However, I've been able to make arrangements to move into the "upstairs" shelter, which will serve more of what I need as a temporary place to live until I can get better established.
No place to live...no regular employment. No regular employment...no money for rent. No money for rent...no place to live...it's a vicious cycle and hard to get out of without some kind of help. If I had drink, drug, criminal record, or mental health problems, it would be a *lot* harder.

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