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Thursday, September 09, 2004



I didn't leave the library until late Tuesday night, and it was raining a little. There was a bridge out of town which extended over a driveway and parking lot, and I decided to stay there out of the rain. The police came by, checked me out, and said that there weren't resources for them to send me for the night, so they let me stay. In the morning, I found out that the nearby building was some kind of city maintenance building.

Since it was still wet, I didn't want to go on, so I went back to the library to do some more reading and study, until about 5 PM, and then headed for the next town, which would have been Lyndon. Before I got there, I had another offer for a ride. This man took me all the way in to Chillicothe. Since it was still overcast and rainy, I asked at the police station if there was a shelter or someplace I could stay. They took me to the shelter, which amounts to one unit in a multi-dwelling apartment complex, where I stayed the night. I've enjoyed pretty good health all summer, but without going into specific complaints, I think this trip is starting to wear on me. Only about 200 more miles to go.

I understand that I just missed seeing John Kerry, who was here campaigning Tuesday, and I'll probably likewise miss seeing President Bush, who is supposed to be here, I think tomorrow. That doesn't greatly matter to me: I don't hold the President directly responsible for everything that goes on in the nation; not even in the government, and certainly not the entire economy.

I've managed to do a little work related to my web site: The historical sketches, and I'm doing a list of major cities to include and connect to the nations. I expect to be sketching out a page on Christianity, one on international government and organizations, and major world corporations, and at that level, there are some resources here I can use.

From here, I will be going to MacArthur, and then to Athens. I should be in one of those two places by Sunday.

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