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Friday, August 20, 2004


Terre Haute

I neglected to mention that while I was sitting down for a rest break while heading for Paris, that a couple stopped by and gave me a sack lunch. A suprise to me.

When I finished at the library in Paris, it looked like a thunderstorm was moving in, so I went downtown and found a Burger King to sit out the storm. I fell into a conversation with a retired Highway engineer who wanted to know my story. He bought me a burger, and we conversed for a while. Afterwards, the sky seemed to be clearing up, so I headed out of town and found a place to rest.
Thursday morning, I had gone a couple of miles, when an Edgar County deputy came by to check me out, and then offered me a ride to the state line. I walked the rest of the way into Terre Haute, without being offered a ride, although a couple did invite me in for a sandwich and a drink (water), and another woman stopped to hand me some money for a Coke. I've been showered with generosity, lately. I found the libraries (Indiana State University and Vigo County Public), but both were closed by the time I reached them. A couple of people told me that there was a homless/transient shelter in town, but I didn't have directions to it and it took me a bit of trouble to find it, but finally I was given directions, and checked in there. I got a chance to shower and eat breakfast, and attended their chapel services before I came back to the University library to catch up on my internet activities.
From here, I intend to head for Bloomington, and hope to reach it by Sunday.

You haven't written in a few days. I hope everything is going well.
Monday's post from Spencer seems to have vanished somewhere into cyberspace, but I tried to recreate it from memory. So far, I am still alive and progressing, although not very rapidly this week.
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