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Friday, August 13, 2004



I stayed just outside of Pawnee last night, between the corn and the soybeans, and had a nice morning's hike. I found a length of heavy string or light rope beside the road, and it looked like just what I would have been looking for to tie the broken part of my backpack together. I had just finished the job when a state trooper pulled up to make the usual inquiry. After he checked me out, he offered a ride the rest of the way into Taylorville and dropped me at the library. He was friendlier than most, and likes his job. He mentioned that there is a hiking/biking trail that goes all the way to Pana, my next destination, so I'm thinking of trying it. I haven't yet checked on LDS branches the rest of my route through Illinois yet, so I need to do that before deciding whether to move on or wait here. I'd rather not spend the whole weekend in Taylorville; I do need to be moving.

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