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Saturday, August 14, 2004



I had left the library in Taylorville and was headed for the highway to find the trail to Pana that had been mentioned, and took a wrong turn. However, a man offered a ride to where I was going, took me to the proper start of the trail, and then decided to take me all the way to Pana. I didn't talk much with him: he was voluble and hardly let me get a word in edgewise, and his daughter wanted to participate in the conversation, too. The place he left me was on the far side of Pana, so I went on a couple of miles and found a gap in a cornfield to sleep.

This morning I continued as far as Tower Hill, a very small town of a couple of hundred. A couple of miles past there a resident of Shelbyville brought me into town. I searched for a local LDS church while in Taylorville and found that the closest ward or branch is in Matoon, and I'm about 25 miles away: not too far if I'm offered a ride, but more than I can hike in what's left of the day.

Shelbyville's biggest attractions are historial and the large reservoir just to the north of here: Lake Shelbyville, and it's the county seat, but it only has about 5000 residents.

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