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Wednesday, August 18, 2004



After leaving Charleston, I headed for Paris. The first town I went through was Ashmore; a small town of a few hundred, that boasts an agricultural implements dealer. After spending two months walking past corn and soybeans, a total lack of curiousity about agriculture would be inexcusable, so I spend an hour or so window shopping for tractors. About 4 miles later, I went through Kansas. Kansas, Illinois, that is: (I wonder if there's an Illinois, Kansas?). It boasts its very own Field of Dreams (the school's baseball diamond, and a fine looking one it is, too).
I've been walking in stretches of about 2 miles between rest stops, and I was on my last one of the night, when a wrecker stopped and the driver offered a ride into Paris. He also offered a place to shower and sleep for the night, which I accepted.
It rained during the night, so the offer turned out well. This morning, he took me downtown where I could wait for the library to open. I've been pleasantly surprised at Illinois: I was rather anxious about encountering trouble, but all the way across, people have been more generous and friendly than I ever expected. I'm about through Illinois: Libertyville, Indiana, is 9 miles away, and the the next important city is Terre Haute. I will be avoiding Indianapolis, but haven' finalized my route through Indiana yet. I'm leaning towards following the Ohio River on the Kentucky side, but that's not final yet.

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